Arena Luci presents its new T8 LED tubes range, which is dedicated to the illumination of displayed foodstuffs. These products are the result of accurate lighting engineering research, and are specifically designed to augment the visual appearance of food on display. Research shows that we judge a product’s quality by looking at its appearance, therefore, exalting food freshness and appearance is crucial to captivate customers during their shopping experience. Arena Luci makes available a wide range of T8 LED tubes that are the ideal for butcher shops, bakers, food retailers and supermarkets. These products thanks to their specific luminous spectrum and the lack of UV and IR rays, increase cost-efficiency, as cooling systems work less.
  • 220÷240V ac
  • 11W (LLF0611), 17W (LLF0916), 20W (LLF1220), 24W (LLF1524)
  • G13 adjustable
  • smd LED
  • Natural pink
  • 36000 h (L80B20)
  • 120°
  • White
  • Aluminium
  • IP40
  • -20°C ÷ +45°C
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