Super PAR 200 RGBAL

Super PAR LED RGBAL use red, green, blue, amber and lime coloured LED as
light source.
It produces 16 million 700 thousand colors through RGBAL electronic synthesis. This unit has the advantage of bright and shining light, no color temperature drift, extra low noise (0 dB), high energy efficiency and electrical safety.
The unit is mainly used in TV studios, theaters, conference system and multi-functional halls, etc. which have high requirements for all aspects. Its power supply efficiency reaches as high as 92%, and power factor is > 0.95. Built-in DMX512 control mode and PWM digital dimming system are equipped to achieve 0~100% dimmable light as well as high speed stroboscopic effect and color change.
The light body is molded with high-pressure die-cast aluminum which makes it light and elegant. It is dust proof, water proof and high temperature resistant.
The cooling system adopts advanced radiator made of light and pure cold-forged aluminum which makes it light and achieves the best heat dissipation.
  • 230 V ac
  • 200W
  • Neutrik PowerCon
  • DMX
  • 8 ch.
  • DMX 512
  • LED full colour 5 in 1
  • RGBAL mix
  • 20°, 35°
  • Black
  • Aluminium
  • IP65
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