PAR LED RGBWA is a professional projector, its 15W 9 LED lights (red, green, blue, white and amber in one single package) can create all the colours, thanks to the perfect mixing of tonalities. Its high performance optics create a powerful and uniform beam with an opening angle of 35°. It is possible to control it by DMX standard signal or to set directly on display.The IP65 rating makes PAR LED RGBWA perfect for installations for architectural and scenic lighting, both indoor and outdoor.Since it is flicker free, it can be easily used in TV and photo studios.
  • 100÷240 V ac
  • 96W
  • Cable
  • 0÷100%
  • 7 ch.
  • DMX 512 standard
  • 9 LED full colour 5 in 1
  • R-G-B-W-A mix
  • 36000 h (L80B20)
  • 7250 lm
  • 35°
  • Black
  • Aluminium
  • IP65
  • -20°C ÷ +45°C
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