Micro Profile Gobo Projector

This LED Profile is fitted with innovative LED multichip technology giving a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) along with an optical system with adjustable focus and 19° beam angle (available on request with diferent beam angle, 26° and 36°). On/Off function.
Included is also a fixed gobo holder suitable for metal gobos and also for glass gobos. It is capable of projecting various images of your choice including for example a company’s logo as well as different sorts of writings and images.
It is also suitable for any type of application that requires a well-shaped light beam to light up the desired object. This LED Profile is also the ideal image projector in environments such as retail shops, art galleries, public venues but also in residential environments and in any special installation.
Available on request with rotating gobo function.
  • 230 V ac
  • 30W
  • Cable
  • LED module, interchangeable
  • 3000 K (-WW), 5700 K (-W)
  • 19°
  • Black
  • Aluminium
  • IP20
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