FollowSpot HID 575 8°-14°

Followspot 575W for HMI 575W SFc 10.4 lamp, flat field projection, ideal for use in medium-small-scale venues.
It features a user friendly back handle, strong mechanics with extruded aluminium and steels plate body.
Excellent light beam thanks to high-quality optics by Arena Luci, with adjustable double condenser lens system. Suitable for theaters, television studios and photographic studios.
Adjustable beam opening from 8° to 14° through the lens slide, perfect focus with the same system and adjustment of the softness of the beam boundary.
Iris is included.
Profile system with four steel shutter blades only on request.
Mechanical blackout integrated.
Color holder for 6 filters is included.
Optional Gobo holder.
  • 230V ac 50Hz
  • 800 VA
  • Screws connector
  • Mechanical blackout
  • HMI575 SFc10,4
  • 5600 K
  • 6 filter holders
  • 8° ÷ 14°, Manual
  • Included
  • Optional
  • Black
  • Steel / Aluminium
  • IP20
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