Crono LED Black 50W

Crono floodlight is suitable to light up architectural details as well as homogeneous wall washer for facades and vertical surfaces, also suitable for parking lots, parks, gardens and monuments.

Crono is equipped with 100-400 Lux ambient light sensor with hysteresis +/- 50 Lux and sampling every minute for automatic on/off function.

The SMD 230Vac LED module have a overheating protection system and high efficiency driver PF > 0.95 with a surge protection: Line-Line> 2kV / Line-GND> 4kV.

The projection beam angle is 110 °. The body is made of die-cast aluminum.

Lighting Diagram:

  • 220÷240V ac
  • 50W
  • Cable
  • smd LED
  • 3000 K (-WW), 4000 K (-NW)
  • 50000 h (L80B20)
  • 4503 lm (-WW), 4541 lm (-NW)
  • 110°
  • Black
  • Aluminium / temp. glass
  • IP65
  • -35°C ÷ +55°C
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