For over 30 years, ARENA LUCI SRL has been operating in the LED lighting market developing great expertise and reliability making it able to offer its clients the best solutions and most efficient products.
Founded in 1983 by Primo Bertani, in recent decades ARENA LUCI has been granted numerous awards due to the quality and reliability of its LED products.

The experience gained and sound knowledge of the company’s team enables ARENA LUCI SRL to offer the most effective applications in terms of technology and innovation, ensuring that its LED lighting products are able to bring added value to the reference market.

Primo Bertani

Furthermore, the entire process of creating the product is carried out within the company. The premises in Castel Goffredo (Mantua) are home to the company’s Research and Development, Design, Production and Assembly Departments as well as the Workshop. Here, every company processes is implemented in full compliance with the ISO 9001/2000 standards, thus ensuring LED lighting products with high quality standards.