Boutique LED is available only in the Elite version. This new series of LED track luminaires was designed for lighting up retail shops that sell food and apparel as well as for more specific illumination of museums, where it is crucial that the light gives value and enhances the original colors of the merchandise. Arena Luci' Research & Development team designed a comprehensive series of interchangeable lenses that match state-of-the-art COB LEDs. This provides high levels of color rendering and color brilliance, as well as color maintenance over time and near-zero UV and IR emissions. Moreover, the light spectrum along with the elevated purity of the light that is produced makes it possible for colors to appear as even more vivid and close to the actual visual reality. This luminaire like all those of the Elite Series is made in Italy and contains premium components such as Italian-made power supply featuring ripple-free technology and color temperature persistence with high MacAdam classification.
  • 230 V ac
  • 45 W
  • Track light
  • 3200 K (-GWW), 4200 K (-GNW), Natural pink (-P)
  • 50000 h (L80B20)
  • 3682 lm (-P), 5763 lm (-GWW), 6262 lm (-GNW)
  • 18° (2335), 30° (2336), 51° (2337)
  • White
  • Aluminium
  • IP40
  • -20°C ÷ +45°C
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