ATI LED Zoom 20°-45° Elite

Ati LED Zoom 20°-45° is available only in the Elite version. This luminaire features cutting edge multi-chip LED technology with the possibility of dimming through a potentiometer located at the rear. It features high Color Rendering Index (CRI). The manually adjustable optical zoom placed on the lower side of the unit allow the powerful light beam to be adjusted from a range of 20° to 45°. Its dynamic optical group makes this unit suitable for any type of lighting installation such as at retail shops, art galleries and public places but also in domestic environments as well as for special applications. This luminaire like all those of the Elite Series is made in Italy and contains premium components such as Italian made power supply featuring ripple-free technology and color temperature persistence with high MacAdam classification.
  • 230V ac
  • 65W
  • Cables, Cables
  • 1 LED Multichip
  • 3000 K (-WW), 4000 K (-NW)
  • 50000 h (L80B20)
  • 6508 lm (-WW), 6621 lm (-NW)
  • 20° ÷ 45°
  • Aluminium, Aluminium
  • IP20
  • -10°C ÷ +40°C
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